We’re in the business of making sure women run the world —  

including the business world.

We know that as small women-owned businesses, it's our responsibility to provide more than top-notch service. We’re compelled to share what we know and to make it possible for other women to rise up, practice their passion, and lift up their communities. 

A world where women can build wealth, support their communities, and do the work they love.

We also want to support minority, women-owned businesses because we acknowledge that systemic injustices may affect their access, their progress, and their results. We recognize that these women are ready to make big waves — and they need a circle of support to make it happen.

That’s why we're thrilled to announce our new business grant and development program that aims to provide women of color the chance to expand their business, their reach, and their opportunities.

Logo and brand design 

Web design and copy

SEO & digital media optimization

A quarterly content plan

Social graphics templates

What's included?


Headshots/product shots as needed

Consulting and mentorship with the team

Basic business plan, launch and marketing strategy

Web and software expenses for first 6-12 months of business









How do you know if you qualify?

You identify as a woman of color with an early-stage business

You’re at least 18 years old and a US resident

You’ve got a product or service that you’re actively trying to sell and grow

You need a website and web presence to get your business off the ground

You’re in need of resources to take your business to the next level

You positively impact your community 

Your goals have been impacted by systemic injustices and these resources would make a huge difference in your ability to bring your business to life

frequently asked questions

Is this a cash grant?

No, this is a service-based grant, where our team of experts donate their time, skills, and services to our grant winner. Depending on the necessities for your brand, we may write "stipend" checks to cover the costs of things like website hosting, photography, etc. 

When will I find out who the grant winner is?

Our review process is very thorough and we take our time to read each application. Once our grant applications close, it can be up to 6 weeks until you hear from us for interviews or to let you know your application will not be moving forward. We will decide on our winner about 2 months after applications open. 

How fast will the grant team deliver everything?

Our grant timeline is 6 months. Over that time, we will deliver branding, new site build or re-design, photography, website and launch copy, operations setups, and more. Your individual project's inclusions depend on your business. We do have a hard deadline of DATE, which means that all services must be rendered before that date or they may be forfeit.

What's included in the grant?

Please see our home page and our application page for more details on inclusions.

What if I don't need everything included?

We are flexible in which services and assets get delivered. When you are announced as the grant recipient, you'll be directed to schedule a call with our core team. There, we will dig into where your business is exactly and which of our team and deliverables you need. 

Can I apply myself or does someone have to apply for me?

This is an application-based grant and you can absolutely apply for yourself! We will ask for video or written recommendations, but everything else can be done by you.

What if I need something faster? Can I work with the grant team on an expedited timeline?

We have our project path specifically designed because so much is included in your grant package. It takes a long time to dive in and do things with your business's longevity in mind. So, in short, our services are a 6-month process. We don't work faster than that — but trust us, it will feel fast! 

What kind of time commitment is needed from ME if I win the grant?

There will be at least 1-hour Zoom calls every other week. You will also have to review assets and provide feedback, which can take up to another hour a week. As we move closer to the end of your project, you may need to spend more time for things like photography, calls, etc. On average, we'd anticipate you contributing about 2 hours a week over the course of 6 months.