We’re in the business of making sure women run the world —  

including the business world.

We know that as small women-owned businesses, it's our responsibility to provide more than top-notch service. We’re compelled to share what we know and to make it possible for other women to rise up, practice their passion, and lift up their communities. 

We also want to support minority, women-owned businesses because we acknowledge that systemic injustices may affect their access, their progress, and their results. We recognize that these women are ready to make big waves — and they need a circle of support to make it happen.

That’s why we're thrilled to announce our new business grant and development program that aims to provide women of color the chance to expand their business, their reach, and their opportunities.

A world where women can build wealth, support their communities, and do the work they love.

Meet Our Past Grant Winners

Ancient Wisdom

Nyasia Countee

posterity paper

Tiffany Grimes