Ancient Wisdom

meet the 2021 winner

We named our second-ever recipient of the Waves of Change Grant in late 2021, and since early 2022, the Design Lab and grant participants have been working to support this year’s winner.

After 6+ months of working together, we’re so excited to announce that the NEW Ancient Wisdom Birth Services, run by the amazing Nyasia Sims, has now launched!

She’ll also receive her entire year’s fees for membership and website waived so she can continue to make an impact long after the grant project wraps up.  

Want to see how everything came to life? 


Meet Ancient Wisdom

A Detroit-based obstetrical surgical technician and mother of three, Nyasia is a doula lactation specialist who helps pregnant people deliver their babies and support them through breastfeeding.

On top of her work directly with families, Nyasia also works with hospitals and healthcare organizations to show providers how to address potential issues with lactation and breastfeeding after birth.

Nyasia is highly involved in her Detroit community, where the maternal-fetal mortality rate is some of the highest in the country (and the world), and where education on lactation techniques is low. Her mission is to educate women and pregnant people on how to have safe pregnancies, and safe births, and to ensure they understand how to breastfeed afterward. 

Over the last few months, we’ve gotten to know even more about Nyasia and the amazing, and truly lifesaving, work she is doing for her community — and what an honor it's been! 

We put our best thinking caps on and forged ahead to give her new branding, an updated website, and marketing and business plans to make her childbirth education, doula, and lactation support services even more accessible to those who need them.

Mentored and provided guidance on memberships and business plans
Rented a location and hired a brand photographer to help elevate the brand through photography
Discussed products for pregnant/post-birth people (pregnancy tea, lotus kits, etc.)
Crafted copy based on Nyasia's brand voice, making sure we focused on her extensive expertise and love for pregnant and birthing people
Organized her offers so that she could benefit from local search
Structured her mentorship and education services so she can book more health trainings for healthcare professionals and her community at large
Helped her choose software to market and organize her business, including Maternity Neighborhood to track lactation success data

What we’ve been up to behind-the-scenes

The grant team — which consists of Nicole Yang, Latasha Doyle, Myrna Daramy, Nicole Boucher, and Yasmine Spencer — took a deep dive into Nyasia’s business to understand how her brand and overall presence could help position her as one of the top experts in her field. 

Together, we:

Transforming Nyasia’s online presence



Stay in touch with Nyasia and Ancient Wisdom


We just love how this website and brand came together. Check it out at!

We worked with Nyasia to:


When we started this grant program, we couldn’t wait to help a minority, womxn-owned business grow. And with this brand and website refresh, along with all the other important elements like copy and business strategy, we’re excited to see where Ancient Wisdom goes from here. 

Nyasia is a remarkable woman and we know she will only continue to make a big impact in her community. You can keep in touch with Nyasia over on Facebook and Instagram

Posterity Paper

meet the 2020 winner

Tiffany Grimes founded Posterity Paper in honor of her late grandmother, who always had a card for every sentiment and any occasion. During our grant discovery process, we saw how much Tiffany had already poured into her business, and just how much potential there was for her to grow!

Her cards bring in a touch of nostalgia and humor, with modern designs and colors that stand out from your standard “stock” (yes, pun intended). From a design perspective alone, we knew that the potential for her brand would be so fun to explore and play with.

What we accomplished together


We also worked on new branding for Posterity Paper, giving Tiffany a more consistent presence across her digital platforms. This will help her attract more retail partners, and elevate the customer experience when they shop! Today, Posterity’s branding evokes feelings of endearment, joy, and modernity — which helps it stand out from other greeting card brands that are more reminiscent of a Hallmark era. 

Elements of note include her new logo, and a custom font made using Tiffany's own handwriting!

Working closely with Nicole Boucher and Yasmine Kashefi of Pixie Dust & Profits, Tiffany has also been digging into her business operations, goals, and strategic projects. When we interviewed Tiffany during the application phase, her biggest goal was to explore other retail partnerships and to strengthen the ones that she already held. Her work inside Nicole and Yasmine’s business strategy membership will allow her to do just that. Plus, as a homeschooling mom of three, we wanted to ensure Tiffany has a strategy that is manageable with her other roles!



A successful grant launch is now in the books!

By sharing our skills with Tiffany, we were able to help her bring new branding, a new website, and her own online shop so she could build her own brand and cater to customers outside of platforms like Etsy and Faire. This will help her scale to more wholesale and retail opportunities, as well as let Tiffany keep more of her money after removing other platforms’ fees.

We set her up on Shopify and Shipstation, which makes processing and shipping orders SO easy and will save her a ton of time on the order fulfillment side.



In line with the new branding, Posterity Paper’s packaging got an upgrade! Tiffany has new belly bands, tissue paper for wholesale orders, stickers for mailers, as well as thank you notes and sticker sets as order bonuses! Our hope is that this really elevates the delivery process, and extends the endearing, joyful brand that Tiffany wanted.


As part of the rollout for the new Posterity Paper, we also worked with Tiffany to give her a 6-month content plan and graphic templates to help her announce on social media. Along with launch content (including emails and social captions), Tiffany received graphic and newsletter templates that make it easy for her to whip up testimonials, share new cards or products, or display sales.

Given that Posterity Paper is a product-based business, we knew that photography was crucial. We worked with Ashley Nicole on the branding shoot with Tiffany herself, and Christina Jones on the product photography, providing art direction and shot lists. We now have an entire library of product images and have updated all the products in her shop with high-quality, on-brand photos.

Tiffany also has a process for masking photos to update graphics, and standards to help her edit other photos to match her new library in the future. 

As a grant team, we’ve learned so much about the nomination and selection process, as well as the work involved in supporting the winner to our fullest potential. We are definitely going to be hosting another grant in the future, once our debrief is over and Tiffany has the support she needs. 

After launch, she will receive a year’s worth of shop expenses paid. After that, our hope is that Posterity Paper has grown to new heights, and Tiffany can use the branding, content, strategy, and tech we’ve supported her with to meet that growth!

All of the grant work and materials were donated by Nicole Yang and the Design Lab, Latasha Doyle of Uncanny Content, Nicole Boucher and Yasmine of Pixie Dust and Profits, and Myrna Daramy. In total, the project value is nearly $20,000, including the cost of photography, site upgrades, packaging, and more (which were paid through the grant program’s funds).

Thanks to everyone who shared the grant nominations, who nominated a friend or loved one, and who applied. We also want to thank the grant team and all the amazing women who worked with us to bring this project to life. Most of all, though, we want to thank Tiffany for having such a wonderful mission for her business, and for working with us to make this project the success that it was. We can’t wait to see what this next chapter of Posterity Paper brings!